Power your Life, Power your Future.

At Taeyang Group, we believe in providing our customers with a choice. That's why we offer both Solar and Coal-Powered energy solutions. With our solar panel systems, you can take advantage of clean, sustainable energy while reducing your carbon footprint. And with our coal-powered options, you can continue to rely on a tried-and-true source of energy.


No matter what your energy needs are, 

we've got you covered.



Taeyang Group's Philosophy

Our Vision is to become a leading company based on professionalism, high commitment and consistency to provide the best services, as well as deliver innovative, reliable and responsible solutions.

Our Mission is to provide the best service, commiting to quality and optimal service, as well as fostering sustainable growth, delivering internationally standardized services in Indonesia.

We look forward to continuing our journey towards a cleaner and more efficient future in the energy sector.